55 Gallon Single Burner Stand

Single Burner Stand 55 gallon stainless Steel drumRegulator with Gauge


Burner stand designed specifically to support 42 and 55 gallon barrels. 

Careful selection of commercial quality components ensures this burner will be safe and provide a tremendous value for years to come: See our other stands here.

  • Simple in design but strong where it counts, our stands are made form 1.25” box tubing, and have back stops to ensure drum is correctly positioned. 
  • 10” high pressure burner produces 120,000 BTU @ 20psi & over 200K @ 30psi. 
  • Name brand 0- 30 psi variable pressure regulators feature a large easy to use hand wheel and a threaded port for a line pressure gauge. 
  • 6 foot of genuine Parker® hose.
  • Brass connections.
  • Optional pressure gauge makes setting the flame level simple and repeatable.
  • High temp black paint.
  • 13 inches tall.

Add a Quick Connect to simplify set up and transportation. Get an extra male end to easily move your tank and regulator to another burner or gas grill. 

Current lead time is 7-10 business days.

As with any gas appliance check all connections for leaks prior to use. 50 gallons of water is heavy, be sure stand is on stable footing.

Price: $299.91
SKU: SS127