Big Poppa's Stainless Drum Smoker Kit

Bubba and Big Poppa have teamed up to offer the Drum Smoker Kit. 

When you buy the kit from us, it comes with your choice of a used or new steel drum and lid! 

Nothing makes a smoker stand out like stainless. Stainless is easy to clean and will last a life time. 

We offer a polished used stainless drum, or for those that demand perfection we have new Stainless Steel Drums. Drums include a lid. 

We can predrill the drums, saving you the tedious task of drilling what seems like a million holes.  All you have to do is assemble and get to smoking.

Drilling stainless is no easy task. If you prefer to drill your own, go slow or the included step bit will dull in no time.

Enhanced Kit Includes: Ash Catcher Assembly, Brushtec Grill Brush, Bottle opener, Top vent, 2 bottom slide vents, Grill Cooking Grate, Lid Hook, Lid Handle with wood grips, Drum Handle with wood grips, Shield assembly, Nest Hook Nest Assembly, Thermometer, Mounting Hardware for all parts, Full assembly instructions and a drum.

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Components may ship separately.

Price: $499.00

If you already have the smoker kit you can delete it.

SKU: BP182