5500 Watt Immersion heater with On/Off


On/Off switch and UL listed components makes the 5500 watt heat source an ideal secondary element for your kettle.

Use two or more elements to reach desired temperature then turn off and leave the fine control to the SSR controller. Comes without a plug so it can be adapted to any style receptacle.  

  • 5500 watt heating element. 
  • 30 amp double pole switch.
  • BUD abs enclosure.
  • Strain reliefs.
  • 10 Gauge wire. 
  • Wires are labeled for proper installation.
  • Connects with 2"Tri-Clamp fittings. 
  • Easily replaceable element

The included element is a high watt density. Some applications are better served with a low or ultra low density element, The heater accepts 1" threaded elements and is easy to change. Switching to a lower density element prolongs element life and helps to prevent scorching. 

Make sure to purchase your 2" tri-clamp and gaskets for your heating element by clicking on the links.


Price: $199.91
SKU: SS132