Bolt Ring Closure Instructions

Bolt Ring Closure for Open Head Drums

  1. Check Gasket – to ensure cover gasket is properly fitted into cover groove (see Fig. 1 or 2).
  2. Place Cover on Drum – being careful to properly seat gasket all around curl (see Fig. 3).
  3. Position & Seat Ring – with lugs downward. Ensure the inner channel of the closure ring engages entire drum curl and cover (see Fig. 4). Apply downward pressure on cover. Use a non-sparking dead-blow mallet to further seat cover and drum curl into the inner channel of the ring.
  4. Insert Bolt - through the unthreaded lug of the ring. Assemble the locking hex nut onto the threaded end of the bolt and tighten into the threaded lug (see Fig. 5). Close the ring to an initial gap of about ½”.
  5. Tighten the Bolt – with a calibrated torque wrench while using downward pressure on the cover and hammering the outside of the ring with a non-sparking dead –blow mallet to further seat the ring. Continue tightening and hammering until the torque stabilizes at 55-60 ft-lbs and does not decrease when further hammering on the ring circumference is performed. Ring ends must not touch.
  6. Lock Ring – by tightening the nut against the unthreaded lug (see Fig. 6).