Canada Shipping

Importing our products into Canada is not difficult, but depending on your method of shipping, there may be an extra step or two involved.

 USPS / Canada Post:

Is easiest and is the most cost effective solution for smaller packages. Shipping Via post does not require any work on the receivers’ part.  The postal calculators are pretty good for smaller items, but do not hesitate to contact us if the Price seems out of line.  Postal shipments do not incur brokerage fees; though, you may have to pay VAT.

FedEx Ground:

Generally more expensive than post but may be the only option on larger items. Brokerage fees are included in price. You will almost certainly be Charged VAT.

 Motor Freight:

The freight forwarding / brokerage fees are not included in the shipping price. It is the consignee’s responsibility to make arrangements with a freight broker. If you don't have a freight broker, we are happy to recommend one but there are hundreds of companies to choose from.

Many of our Canadian customers have had good luck with ACGI Shipping Inc.'s Customs Brokerage Department. They are located in Burnaby, BC. Here is their contact info:
Phone: 604-891-7447

Fees incurred will be paid directly to the broker. Do not hesitate, to contact us if we can help.

To ship motor freight we will need contact details for your freight broker, including:

Company Name

 Freight items can be shipped to a residence,  business that has dock or forklift, or held at a local freight depot.

Ship to business: If you have or know someone that has a business with a dock or fork lift, it is the best way to go.

Hold at depot: If you live in an urban area chances are there is a freight depot near you. Holding for pick up is: less expensive, depots generally have extended hours, and they will load your order into your truck. The main disadvantage is that you will have to drive.

Shipping to a residence is the most expensive option. It has additional charges for a residential address and lift gate service. The truck driver is only responsible for getting your order to the back of the truck.