Glycol Chillers

Granzow Solenoid Valve

Granzow Solenoid valves are our choice for Quality, Reliability, and Affordability. Made in Italy, the H series valves are a popular choice for Glycol applications.  If you plan to grow your brewery in the future, we recommend choosing a ¾” valve.


BBE012-1 Glycol Chiller

The Chase BBE012-1  is our largest single phase Chiller with 18600 Btu/h of cooling power @ 25°  It is a workhorse that is well suited for a 7 -10 Barrel brewhouse. In addition to the standard features of the smaller units the BBE009 & 12 offer


Three Barrel Glycol Chiller

The Chase BBE004-1 Chiller with 7200 Btu/h of cooling power @ 25° is well suited for our 3 barrel brewhouse. It is sized to simultaniously handle: 

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