Pin Style Agitator

The pin style drum agitator from Woodman Agitator is an excellent choice for drums and custom tanks where the lid will be opened often. The high-lift 21” blade is superior to our competitor’s 4-inch propellers. A single blade is sufficient for most applications, but in large drums (or for your peace of mind) we also offer a double blade version..

The pin style agitator requires a guide pin to be welded into the bottom of the drum or basket. The agitator shaft and blade will remain in the drum when the lid is removed. We can add the pin to any of our drums or we can send you a pin for a field install.

We also offer models that hang from the lid. Both mounting options have their benefits. Do not hesitate to reach out to us to discuss which method is best for you or to design a custom mixing tank.

 To complete your project, at a minimum, you will need a drum with a guide pin, center bung cover, and motor or other drive

 We know it’s important to get this right, so feel free to Contact us. We will be happy to build something custom for you.

Price: $235.00
SKU: BN487